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03.31.2022 General Meeting Minutes

Lake Stickney Community Club

General Meeting Minutes

March 31, 2022

Meeting called to order at 7:03pm

*What is the community club? A place for community to gather, share interest, events, and foster neighbor relations. We are a nonprofit service organization.

Lake Stickney community club has been around just shy of 70 years.

*Board member/trustees introductions: President - Elizabeth Stewart

Vice President – Aaron Elford

Treasurer - Michelle Mayfield

Secretary - Shannon Scroggins

Rental mgr./Trustee – Duncan Green

Trustee – Susan Bet

Trustee – Vacant

*Treasury report: from October 18th 2021 to current was read and approved.

*Meeting minutes: from October 18th 2021 were read and approved.

*Membership dues – What is your return on investment? Buying into the community. Discounted rental fee for use of the club house. When voting is needed you get 2 votes for family membership and 1 vote for individual membership. Currently dues are $40/family and $20/individual and will be re-evaluated for increase in 2023.

*Club House – Repairs and Maintenance: In need of new floors and tables.

Source of income: Donations and rentals.

Rental fee: $75/members $300/non members & additional $300 refundable cleaning dep.

Most weekend rentals for April are nonmember rentals.

Members must be in good standing for one year to pay the member rate, unless approved by the board/trustees.

It was discussed that we do not advertise the member rental rate to prevent folks from becoming a member with the wrong intension.

*Membership boundaries – Last revised in 2013.

Should boundaries be revised again in 2022?

It was suggested that we use the two elementary schools in the area to define the new boundaries.

Discussion of concerns: Decisions made and voted on by members who do not live on the same street affecting other members streets.

Concerned folks can submit their suggestions and a suggested boundary map to the board via email within a week from today.

*Website - Was suggested that we revise website information. Board/trustees will discuss.

*General meeting date – (TABLED) A consideration is being made to change date and format. Potentially Hybrid to accommodate every ones needs.

*Fisherman’s breakfast – Is usually on the opening day of fishing. This year we will be having a club house grand re-opening community BBQ serving lunch April 30th instead. This is a fundraising event from 11am – 2pm. Creating signs that we can put out into the community advertising the event along with the sandwich board that we usually use. We will revisit the Fisherman’s breakfast in 2023.

*Events – Garage Sale Mid July. Date to be confirmed.

National night out August 2nd.

Poker tournament – Bingo – Game night TBD

Family movies – Happy hour TBD

Halloween night handing out candy.

Christmas caroling/gathering.

You do not have to be on the board to host an event.

*Next Steps: Once boundaries are clear, we will deliver flyers to homes for the upcoming community BBQ. Delivering flyers by the second week of April.

Meeting adjourned 8:34pm

Next meeting Monday, May 16th, 2022 7pm


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