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09.28.2022 General Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:07pm

*Meeting minutes: from July 18th, 2022, were read and approved.

*Treasurer Report: from July 18th, 2022, was read and approved.

*Sidewalks: Mr. Chan said there has been a turnover in positions at county with lots of changes since last feasibility study.

Speed bumps might be an easier ask. Everyone agreed that speedbumps should be requested again.

Elizabeth will ask community on Facebook if anyone will lead this request.

Melody said she would figure out who to call.

*Rentals: Lots of rentals bringing in more than $1000.00

September was booked most of the month.

*Tables: Were purchased and delivered.

*Floors: Plan to replace or restore. Budget for next capital expense.

*Membership boundaries: Boundaries to change or to leave them how they are currently?

Looked at the current map. It was agreed that we will allow people just beyond current boundary on a case-by-case basis.

Open to suggested boundary ideas using the current map before next meeting for discussion and vote.

Contact homeowner associations for our new cult-de-sacs/neighborhoods.

Suggestion to offer homeowners associations the club house to host their meetings.

Aaron to draft a letter to the homeowner’s associations.

Elizabeth will find contacts for HOA’s.

*National Night Out: Was a nice gathering with neighbors. LaPalmera donated delicious food. Community members also, brought delicious food. Sherriff talked and answered questions.

*General meeting schedule: 3rd Monday of the month is the current schedule. Proposed to meet 2nd Wednesday of every other month.

Per Bi-laws this change will call for a vote at next meeting.

It was agreed that zoom is working well for general meetings. In person/hybrid for future meetings.

*Halloween: Volunteers to hand out candy. Candy donations needed. We will open the club house for trick or treating, hot chocolate, and cider.

*Holiday Event: December 10th pending decision to have it or not.

Meeting adjourned 8:05pm

Next meeting Wednesday, November 16th, 2022 6:30 dinner 7pm meeting.


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