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03.20.2024 General Meeting Minutes

Lake Stickney Community Club

General Meeting Minutes

March 20th, 2024

*Meeting called to order at 7:00pm.

*Board members present: Elizabeth, Wistremundo, Terry, and Michelle

*Thanks to Amanda for the pasta, and Francis for the crisp tonight. Also, thanks to Terri for

helping with the meeting signs.

*Meeting Minutes from January 17th, 2024 were read by Wistremundo and approved by

Elizabeth. Seconded by Michelle, Anne and two more members.

*Treasurer Report: Michelle read through the accounting report for the last two months.

Updates were given on the totals for the bill payment, rent revenue, insurance premium

payments, permits, Wix website, and Google Drive. Motion to approve the report was put forth

by Elizabeth and seconded by Wistremundo.

*Budgeting discussion: Elizabeth let the members know that there is an expected surplus of

cash based on the projected revenue vs operating expenses of approximately $5,000. This

money can be invested on maintenance and repairs, above and beyond the kitchen remodel

and repair reported on in January. The next priorities on the “punch list” are the doors (sill and

door replacement) and main flooring update (which doesn’t have urgency).

*Events Calendar:

● Next general meeting is scheduled for May 15th, 2024.

● Community Work Party to be held during Memorial Day Weekend – the plan is to clean

up the LSCC areas, and perhaps create a pollinator garden to enhance curb appeal.

● Floating Parade will be held on July 4th 2024 – if it floats and doesn’t have a motor, it’s


● Fishing season begins on April 27th, 2024 – Fisherman’s Breakfast needs a leader.

Volunteers are needed to fundraise for the fish plant since the extra money is not being

allocated for this event. The total required to order the fish is $1200, needed by early

June. There was a suggestion to add a sandwich board with a QR code and information

on the event next to the boat launch. Leslie volunteered to help with the code and


● Facebook is still the primary means for checking calendar events. The board is working

on updating the website to add the information real time.

*Sidewall Committee:

● Cindy Williams (not present), Anne Madison and David Chan shared their findings and next

steps to get traction on the sidewalk and road lighting safety concerns. They will send a

letter and contact the State Representative Strom Peterson for our district/county to explain

the situation. The main concern is that the school pathways are not secure, especially at

dusk and dawn, when children and neighbors are walking to the bus stop.

● A sign up sheet for volunteers was passed around to recruit members into assisting with

a lighting audit – identify locations for much needed lights and get buy in from neighbors

to pay for the installation and power of said fixtures. PUD will charge approximately $8

per fixture – in the new developments the HOAs pay for the lights. Stan asked who paid

for the lights in the LSCC property and Michelle confirmed it was included in the PUD


● Proper signage and repaint is needed in some of the more obscure areas of the

community. There’s an action to talk to Snohomish County for prioritization.

● Elizabeth took an action to post a QR code in the LSCC area to get people to join the

mailing list and/or use a standard template to contact officials about these issues.

*Down to Earth Presentation by Terry Bockovich (7:33 pm) Key Takeaways

● Gardening practices impact the quality of the water that feeds into Lake Stickney – avoid

plastics and pesticides.

● Food banks in our region are being sustained/supplemented by home gardens – Over a

million pounds of food were donated by the Down to Earth gardens.

● The website has the calendar events and gardening information shared

during the meeting.

● Things that keep pests away – onions, coffee grounds, baked ground eggshells (at 250

degrees), and diatomaceous earth (for slugs when sprinkled around plants).

*Walk on Topics:

● Noise pollution – help needed to engage with county to propose/get commitment on

solutions to the problem.

*Meeting adjourned at 8:06pm

Note: Meeting minutes logged by Wistremundo Dones on behalf of the Secretary, who is in

Mexico on vacation.


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