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01.17.2024 General Meeting Minutes

Lake Stickney Community Club

General Meeting Minutes

January 17th, 2024


Meeting called to order at 7:00pm


*Meeting minutes: from November 15th, 2023, were read and approved by Elizabeth and 2nd by Wistremundo.

*Treasurer Report: from November 15th, 2023, was read and approved by Elizabeth and 2nd by Wistremundo.


*Thank You’s: To Francis, Terri and Elizabeth who provided dinner this evening!


*Side Walks: No update.


*Dues: 2024 annual dues are being collected. $20 individual $40 family.


*Repairs and Maintenance: 

~ Elizabeth presented a slide show of the club house kitchen prior to the remodel that was completed December 2023.

Our last kitchen remodel was approximately 2013.

·        There was an additional $2000.00 worth of repairs.

·        A support beam was rotten and replaced, which was why the floor under the refrigerator was soft and sinking.

·        Also, there was suspected mold near the water heater, but after further investigation no mold was found.

·        It was found that rodents have been chewing the electrical wires that connect to the stove. Wiring was replaced.

 ~ All floors in the club house will need to be replaced due to failing support beams and extreme ware. The current main floor is bamboo. We will be looking to replace it with a harder wood option.

~ Annual fire inspection has been completed. One fire extinguisher will need serviced.

~ Cabinet locks will be installed on some kitchen cabinets for items that are for LSCC members use only. Cabinets will be labeled too.

~ Need to address door framing safety issue.

~ Ceilings will need to be replaced.

~ Janitorial closet will be cleaned out and organized so that renters can access the cleaning supplies needed.

~ Septic cover needs a permanent solution. The orange cone no longer works as a cover option.

~ Storage closet needs cleaned out and organized.


*Calendar of events:

  ~ Wednesday March 20th is our next general meeting.

  ~ March 31st is the Easter holiday. A community easter egg hunt might be        scheduled for the weekend before.

 ~ Saturday April 27th is opening day for fishing, which is also when the boat launch opens. In past years there has been a fisherman’s breakfast fundraiser and gathering of neighbors. The club house is not available that day, but the event could be scheduled for a different day.  NEED SOMEONE TO LEAD THIS EVENT!! Anyone can lead and submit ideas to discuss at the March 20th meeting.

 ~ Tuesday August 6th is National Night Out Against Crime. In the past we have had a potluck event at the club house. IF this is something the community would like to attend, we NEED SOMEONE TO LEAD THIS EVENT.  Or we could have a BBQ potluck on a different day. Last year we had a well-attended potluck on a Sunday afternoon.

 ~ Neighbors have expressed interest in having at least two community BBQ gatherings this year.

~ Open to event suggestions.


*LSCC Communication:

  ~ We have a lot of new neighbors. Our mailing list needs to be updated.

  ~ Would like to have a QR code with a Google form.

  ~ Signage at the club house needs to be updated.

  ~ Newsletter created and distributed.

  ~ Website needs updated. Includes information regarding events, and photos.

  ~ Need a Project list sent out via email and Facebook so neighbors can sign up to volunteer and lead.

~  Discussed the Next-door app and determined it wasn’t a good resource for communication at this time.

~ Provide a way for neighbors to sign up for email communication at every event.

~  Create a sandwich board and other advertisement signs for the general meetings. Set them out into the community ahead of the meeting day.


*Curb appeal committee:

   To assess club house outdoor needs. Will need volunteers for weeding and beautification. Gather donations, and prices. Plants? Lighting? Open to ideas and suggestions.


*Neighborhood watch:

  Has this been discussed in the past? Yes. A couple years ago we had a Snohomish County Sherriff guest speaker to talk about neighborhood watch and how to stay safe. Neighbors communicating. See something say something.


Meeting adjourned 8:03pm

Next meeting: Wednesday, March 20th, 2024 @ 7pm





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