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07.19.2023 General Meeting Minutes

Lake Stickney Community Club

General Meeting Minutes

July 19th, 2023

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm

*Meeting minutes: from May 17th, 2023, were read and approved.

*Treasurer Report: from May 17th, 2023, was read and approved. Including our land/building value assessment for 2024 taxes.

*Sidewalks: Cindi Williams provided an update. She has been gathering previous information from when we had a sidewalk plan but was put on hold by the county. Cindi has requested the public disclosure from Snohomish County and will follow up.

*Make a sign: To post at the club house letting the community know how to sign up for community information. Getting on the community mailing list for Meetings, Events, Etc. Will provide a QR code for easy sign up. Updating the mailing list of community members.

*What is and isn’t the LSCC: The LSCC IS an elected board of trustees that oversees the nonprofit community club. The LSCC IS NOT a homeowner’s association. Neighbors should be communicating directly with neighbors for issues or concerns.

*Trustee/Board Members: Nominations are now being accepted for trustee and board positions. Nominations will be discussed at our September general meeting. Elizabeth is nominating Terri Helewicz as trustee. Terri has expressed interest in leading activities and events.

*Punch list for club house: Elizabeth and Chris will do a walk through inside and outside of the club house for repairs. Looking for the best ways and priorities for repairs. There may be DIY opportunities. Floors and refrigerator has been discussed as top priorities.

*Private Fish Plant and Fisherman’s Breakfast Fundraiser: There will not be a private fish planting this year. Fisherman’s breakfast will be planned in 2024 for the 2024 fish planting.

*National Night Out: We will not be meeting at our club house this year for National night out. South Snohomish County is having a large event at Willis Tucker Park on August 1st for National Night Out.

*Community Potluck: Scheduled for August 13th 4pm-7pm @ the club house.

*Zoom: We will have our general LSCC meetings via zoom for the rest of this year.

4th of July Parade: Was well attended this year. This event automatically happens annually and does not have an organizer or event planner. It is known that our community members gather at 3pm on this day to parade around the lake.

Meeting adjourned 8:11pm

Next meeting: Wednesday, September 20th 2023 @ 7pm


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